Air-conditioning Installation

There are new technologies that make it simple to have the comfort of Central air at a fraction of the cost. For example, many of our customers without Central air systems are opting for the new mini-split ductless systems that are cost efficient and effective.

Exceptional A/c Services

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Our Technician’s are expert in installing in installing all types of Air-conditioning systems and can recommend the most efficient and cost effective way to stay comfortable all summer long.

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Services we provide

Air-conditioning Systems Installation.

Annual Air-conditioning Systems Tune-Up and Repairs.

Annual Maintenance = Annual Savings

Normal usage and general wear and tear can make you’re a/c system work harder.

Air borne dirt and debris will clog filters and affect proper and efficient operation.

This can also result in greater than normal wear on Fans, Compressor Motors and other moving Parts within the system.

This makes an annual maintenance program very important for you’re a/c system.

Receive the service you deserve and the maintenance your system needs with our Annual A/c Tune-up.

We service all types of Air-conditioning systems.

Including Chilled water systems, Central plants, VRF High velocity Ductables, Split units etc.

Keep your system running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

Our 16 Point Cooling System Tune-Up

I. Check Refrigerant charge and measure operating pressures and temperatures.

II. Test Compressor operating Voltage and Amperage.

III. Lubricate and check Motors.

IV. Clean and replace standard Filters as necessary.

V. Inspect and adjust Fan belts.VI. Flush and drain Condensate.

VII. Check all Electrical connections.

VIII. Clean and check all Controllers and Thermostats.

IX. Check Controls and all Safety switches.

X. Inspect Evaporator and Coils if necessary.

XI. Check Blower wheel and bearings.

XII. Test pressure cut-out switches.

XIII. Check Condenser Blades and Motor bearings.

XIV. Check outdoor / Indoor Unit Electrical disconnect switches.